Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finished IKEA Stool

Missed Wednesday this week but wanted to show you the finished stool I embellished for my daughter.

When I showed this to you last week I had only finished the stencil on the top.  I have since added the brown squares around the edges of the steps and distressed all the edges with a little metallic paint.

I wasn't real happy with the brown squares along the edge, I wished I had used a different color.  But didn't have any of the original paint to touch up and redo.  My daughter is happy with it and that is all that matters.

Someone last week commented about a mirror at IKEA that is fun to paint and embellish, I think I will check it out.  I've had my eye on a coffee table for awhile I may have to make a trip over to IKEA soon.

I'm a day late, but not a dollar short, so connecting with everyone over at Julia's Stamping Ground for WOYWW.    I never seem to have time to get through the whole list of those that join in with photos of the workdesk on Wednesdays so maybe those I didn't catch last week I can catch this week.  Check it out it's always a fun place to do some web browsing.

Thanks for visiting.  See ya soon.




505whimsygirl said...

very cool stool!

Hugs, Kay #123

Lori said...

Love how it turned out. Great job.

Sorry I am 2 days late getting to your blog. I have been battling a nasty flu bug.
Lori #84

Nicky said...

Hmm I have one of those stools in the loft may have to give it a make over - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk

Almo said...

Hi Cyndee
I like the finished stool it looks really good. I paint/decorate to ikea mirrors a lot they are quite addictive and great value. Mo x

Barbara said...

I think it's cute! Love that green especially!

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