Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beach Getaway

It's sunny here in Portland today.  I had Mt Hood in my rear view mirror on my morning drive and Mt St Helens to the North.  Love those days when the sun is shining.  I kept checking my mirror to see if maybe I could figure out how to snap a shot of the mountain while I was driving.  Finally decided it wasn't such a wise  idea.

We went to the beach this last weekend.  Even if it rains it's better at the beach.  We always go to Rockaway Beach where my daughter has a house.  Love it there, although this trip was just my honey and I and usually the whole family is there.  It seemed a little quiet and empty at first.  But we enjoyed ourselves.

We drove up Hwy 101 Saturday afternoon to Wheeler, poked around the antique store then drove out to Nehalam Bay State Park.  And ended up in Manzanita for a bite to eat and a little wondering through  the shops.  Even with a little drizzle you can find something to do at  the Oregon coast.
The picture on the left is looking across Nehalem Bay towards the ocean from Wheeler, on the right the beach at Manzanita.

I found some treasures in the antique shop in Wheeler.  Haven't dumped the jar out yet, been enjoying just looking at it.  Also picked through the Scrabble pieces for some choice letters,  more stuff to work with.  Never enough stuff.

We even had some time to hang new valances in the master bedroom.  We screwed some drawer pulls into the wall and hung the scarf with curtain rings with attached clips.  The room needed a little color and a finish to the windows.  Since it's an upstairs room it didn't really need privacy curtains and my daughter doesn't like to shut out the light.

Now to see what is inside the jar.  Check back tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great week.  Thanks for visiting.



PS - although my only walk was from the car across the railroad tracks, from the car into the antique store or out of the car to snap the beach picture I am going to connect with Lissa over at Walk and Click Wednesday.  Check out all the great photos from everyones walk.

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Janet said...

I love the Oregon coast. My grand daughter is named Manzanita because her parents also loved it!

Jars of goodies from an antique shop always catch my eye. I can't wait to see what you find.

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