Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I woke this morning to an idea swimming around in my head, so finally got up before the alarm went off to get started.  Realized it was Wednesday for WOYWW, so thought I would share my idea and work space with everyone over at Julia's, Stamping Ground.  

I have a commission job, actually, i like to call it that it sounds more impressive.  It's for my daughters new office.  She has 2 large blank walls that need a large piece of art.  I bought a canvas a couple of weeks ago and have been tossing around some ideas as to what to put on it.  Well this morning it struck me.

But this is what I faced when I went to my studio to set up so I could start on the project.   A battery operated car the grandsons wanted charged, a little mending on the chair, a bucket of bead stuff that I just brought back from vacation, of course a sewing machine and sheets to turn into curtains.  

Just allot of stuff in the way.  

So I quickly got busy, because I knew if I left it till evening it wouldn't get done and I really wanted the space to be ready tonite for the first layers.

So here's the finished space.  Canvas waiting to be Gessoed,  sewing machine covered and I'll have to tell you about the stack of cardboard pieces.   I've been saving these from the packets of postage stamps I order at work.  I knew a project would come up that could use these nice pieces.  

So this was the idea that was rattling around in my head this morning.  I think I will cut them, each just a little smaller then the first and build up a design, then paint or add more layers of other stuff.  Heaven knows I have my fair share of "stuff".   

Be sure and check back to see my progress.  And hope on over to Julia's to see everyone's work-spaces.

Thanks for visiting.




Karen Ives said...

That sounds like a very busy day. I hope you got started on the canvas.
Karen #192

SueH said...

Sounds an interesting project Cyndee. It’s not always easy coming up with ideas for other people especially if they give you no hint of what they would like but being it’s for your daughter may be that was a problem avoided. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished canvas.
Have a great week and ………..
Happy Crafting!
Sue @72

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Cyndee,

Wow - what a transformation! I should learn to pick up my "area" when I'm done with a particular project.

The idea for the canvas sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

Kay (12)

lee said...

what a great idea be sure to show us when you are done

Eliza said...

I dont like it when I have a plan to get on with things and other stuff just jumps in my way preventing me from my first job. Ah knock them over and play to your hearts content, I am sure the Canvas will look brilliant. I will be back to see more.

Belated WOYWW greetings
Eliza 42

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