Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finding Time for Collage Again

My working days are slowing coming to an end.  I only worked two days this week so finally finding  time to work on some new collage cards.  They seem to be selling well this summer at the outdoor markets and fairs.  

Although I do need a few more work days this month I'm finding I really would rather be home doing my art.  My replacement is doing really good so I don't feel the need to be there everyday.

The transition is a bit disconcerting, I'm just not use to time for myself.  Although I am busy keeping up with doodling for the sales.  I'm already booking into the fall and the holidays.  

I need to start looking ahead, now that I will have the time and will need the additional income, it's time to make plans for getting my stuff into some shops.  I'd also like to teach some art classes.  

Lot's to think about, plans to make.  

Here's a peek at my work desk today.  


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Eliza said...

Hi Cyndee thanks for visiting me, was lovely to have you drop in and say hi. I have had all sorts of hassles to find you and this seems the best blog, I just hope it is the correct one. Looks like you have plans to make with slowing your working life down and arting en-mass to do.

Belated WOYWW
Eliza & Yoda 24

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